Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life. All you need is connection and music. Choose a partner, bring in your gang, or perform solo, because this is the stage of ultimate dance mania.

  • Group Dance

  • Solo Dance

  • Duet Dance



Music is the intricate reflection of life and emotions. It's your time to grab the mic and sing to the rhythm of your soul, orchestrate symphonies and blow away minds.

  • Battle of Bands

  • Beat Boxing

  • Solo Singing

  • War of DJs


Seize the person and bring out the character. Illustrate your best emotions as you compete at this holy theatre of expression as you duplicate another or perform many as one individual.

  • Street Play

  • Mono Act

  • Stage Play



Technology is the sharpest pawn in the chess of perspectives. And in this zest of mirroring multiples, design your own world, manipulate the reality, capture the unreal and discover the unexplainable.

  • Lan Gaming 

  • 2-D&3-D Character designing

  • Photoshop Manipulation


This is the suburban arena of infinite possibilities and perspectives. Create your own murals, design the complexities, and record the surreal as you reflect your soul’s art and discover new dimensions.

  • Model Making (Best out of Waste)

  • Zoodling

  • Mask Painting

  • Graffiti

  • Journaling



Challenge your wits and verbatim, handwritten expression and creation. Iambisize your iambic, guard your fantasies and mysteries, and curate your strongest dialogues, at this annual saga of literary craze and personifications.

  • English Debate

  • Hindi Debate

  • Poetry Expression

  • Creative Writing

  • Story Telling



Fashion isn’t just about clothes, shoes and hair. It’s an attitude. If you think you have the attitude, test your stand, show your best walk and present your most clever designs at this exotic fashion magnum.

  • Fashion Show 

  • Fashion Illustration



The camera captures what eyes cannot behold and the mouth fails to describe. Grab your equipment to capture the truest forms of cinematography, direction and photography sense in this battle of creative capturing and expression.

  • Represent Your City

  • After Movie ZEST

  • Photo Story


Attitude, aptitude, verbatim, and sports, it is the ultimate showdown of Zest. A pentagon of the greatest challenges. If you think you have what it takes to be a champion, then put your stakes and let the games begin.

  • Mr & Ms Zest 

  • ZPL

  • Squid Games

  • Treasure trove

  • JAM

  • Roadies



Lights, Camera, Action! Play the mime, counter ur mirroring other, add drama to your soliloquy, dance to the rhythm, sketch it all on your camera's lens and model it with finesse and present your cinematic perfection.

  • Short Film Making 

  • Cinema Manifesto

  • Vine Making

sports 2.jpg


Agility, strength, endurance, sportsmanship, determination and teamwork: Challenge your opponent and raise the bar for yourself. Test your limits, go an extra mile, pump up your muscles and get ready for the greatest Sports Fest of the year, Zest'22.

  • Volleyball

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Carrom

  • Table-Tennis

  • Badminton

  • Chess